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We don’t just run - we build friendships.// 07. september 2016

// by Kia Klitgaard, Volunteer, Studenterhus Aarhus

Run for Friendship with us

We don’t just run - we build friendships.

When I began running with Run for Friendship in January, I could only run a few kilometres. In June, I completed a half marathon - and I couldn’t have done it without Run for Friendship (in short RFF). It may sound a bit cheesy, and maybe also a bit like I’m trying to sell you something. But actually, I am - I’ll tell you why you should join us. 

Being a part of Run for Friendship is not just being a part of a running club, but a part of a community. And that’s what makes me show up for training every Tuesday and Thursday. For me, it is much more fun running with a bunch of other people, than running on my own and it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself. On top of that, when I know other people are waiting for me, it is easier to get out of the door.
Jens, who’s also a member of RFF describes the ‘Run for Friendship’-experience like this:

“Just by showing up, you have something in common; you’re part of something. There’s the running, and if breathing permits, the small-talk and getting to know other people and potentially meeting up besides running. RFF is a strong community. You involve at the level you want, and you get what you invest. That’s basically how life works.” 

The sense of community is created during training, but also when we meet and socialize in different occasions like board game nights, end-of-season parties or when we have “paincakes” after parkruns or participate together in various races around Denmark or abroad. 

An international touch 

Run for Friendship is an international running club, so the official language is English even though you might as well hear Danish, German, Dutch, French, or Spanish during training. Actually, it’s a great place to train your language skills in an informal setting :) Or maybe you miss the international feeling from your travels or stay abroad? In RFF you’ll find that right here in Aarhus. 
If you’re new in Aarhus, want to meet new people or if you’re on exchange, the running club can also be a great way to get a social network outside of work or school. Anna Lena was on exchange in Aarhus this spring and became a part of RFF. She says: 
“The reason why to join RFF is already indicated by the name. For me, RFF was the entrance to Danish culture and Danish people. For myself, it is very important to get to know the people of the country I am living in. As Danish people are not the most open people, it is hard to get to know them at University or in the streets. However, RFF taught me a different lesson. Besides international friends, I made Danish friends as well.” 

The basic stuff

Training is split up into five groups, so there will be a group for you no matter if you’re a fast, experienced runner, totally new to running or somewhere in between – as long as you know how to put one foot ahead of the other I’m sure you’ll do fine! Our professional running coaches make sure that we are all challenged and pushing our limits during training. Everyone is welcome in Run for Friendship. 

When and where?

We meet at 17 and run 17:15.
Tuesdays: StayActive, Stadion Allé 70.
Thursdays: Studenterhus Aarhus, Nordre Ringgade 3.


I’ll be there, and I hope you’ll try it out too.

/Kia Klitgaard


Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21