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Go find your inner Latino and let us dance! // 11. februar 2016

Do you like having fun, making new friends and challenging your boundaries? Sunday night, then the Student house is the place to be. Crispy salsa rhythms and the brown tiles in the Student Café create the atmosphere of an untypically festive Sunday.

By Pernille Rahbech

Bailatina is the name of the salsa event that is being held every Sunday night from 17.45-22.30. Sofie Bøye is the coordinator of the event, and she has created a very popular get-together for everybody. Every event has a different theme, and you get to know all the different types of salsa each time. Now you probably think; I will never go there, because I know nothing about salsa. But do not worry! You get the opportunity to have at least a one-hour lesson about how to dance salsa. If you have tried it before and want to be challenged, you also have the possibility of joining the skilled guys.


Bailatina is for everybody

Tall or short, guy or girl, young or old, beginner or expert – it does not matter. Everybody can be a part of the salsa party. And maybe you will get some really great friends out of it! Because the salsa community is very special: When new people enter the Café they are met with smiles, hugs and a “how are you?” and who does not want be a part of such a friendly atmosphere?

Peter is one of those who often join the event at Sundays:

“I definitely do it because of the social aspect, and I really love to meet and dance with new people every time.”  


DJ and all night dancing

After an hour with laughs, awkward moments with toe steps, wrong rhythms and definitely new acquaintances, lead by the beginner instructor Theis, you are now ready to step onto the dance floor with all the other salsa dancers on all levels. In a couple of minutes, people with rotating hips and fast feet, that follow the sensual beats by DJ El Kilo, fill the dance floor.

“Kike” also known as Enrique is a Spanish-speaking salsa enthusiast and he likes to join the party:

“I love to dance salsa, and the opportunity to dance with so many different people is just great.”

And if you get as addicted as Kike, you can continue for hours before the DJ stops playing!


So do not hesitate – go join the Bailatina for an unforgettably fun night with good music and lovely people. You will definitely walk out of there with a smile on your face and many salsa steps richer.

If you want to read more about the event, go check out the calendar at studenterhusaarhus.dk or join the group “Bailatina” at Facebook.

See you there!


Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21