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Do you want your dream job? // 08. december 2015

By: Anna Sofia Irons, Rachel Pedersen and Lene Tange Kristensen

Networking has become very important in regards to getting a job. You are probably thinking; how can I use my network to find my dream job. At the event “Use your network to find your dream job” at Studenterhus Aarhus, Karina Boldsen, CCO at Solitwork and board member at Studenterhus Aarhus, spoke about how you can actively use your network to find your dream job.

Networking is not only something we just do when meeting people in public, networking is also about using social media.
According to Karina “It is important to see the power in Linkedin and make use of it to build job relations”.

Linkedin was one of the tools recommended by Karina in building a strong network, and below there are listed some highlights from the event of DO's and DON’Ts when using your network to find your dream job:


  • Let your network grow already from the time you study, connect with people from your spare time job or other activities.
  • Utilize and contribute to your network by for example sharing an interesting article on LinkedIn.
  • Work with your network and be patient. It takes time before it pays off.
  • Have courage and show who you are and what you stand for.


  • Stop building your network. Many people stop building their network, when they get their first job, but this will not provide you with new knowledge about other business areas
  • Ask your network for a job. If you know someone in the specific company you want to send an application to, then ask about the company or the position instead.
  • Focus solely on your own study when expanding your network. Always keep your options open.

Actively use your network when looking for a job

When looking for a job, using your network can be more efficient than you think. Many people looking for a job get their position due to their personal network.

But how do you use your network when looking for a job? If you have read the DOs and DON’Ts and still are thinking “how?” then you should read the next example.

According to Karina, you can start by making sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and ask your colleagues or boss to put in references. Then, when you find the company or position you want to apply for, you can use your network to see if you know anyone in the company. If you do, then ask them about the company and the position you are interested in to get some knowledge you can apply to your cover letter.

Taking these small steps will ensure that your CV is updated and has references. You will also have an upper hand by being able to include something about the company in your cover letter. What is left is just for you to show your personality, and what you can do for the company. Use your relations, have courage, and don’t be shy.

Create a strong network

Karina Boldsen has through her professional experience at among others Solitwork, Vestas, and as a member of the board directors gained a strong network. What has made her network even stronger is her courage to show and tell who she is on social media. That is also one of Karina’s advice, you need to have courage to show who you are, “Through networking I have gained a lot of knowledge, which I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t invest in my network”, is Karina’s own personal experience. Therefore, Karina strongly encourages you to keep building your network, because it might pay off with your dream job one day.

All this talk about networking can be summed up in one simple quote from Karina Boldsen: “Is it worth it? Yes!” 


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