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Friendship at first sight // 15. January 2016

Sofie and Eon got matched up in the Friendship Ambassador project, and now they will be friends for the rest of the semester.

By: Mia Kirkegaard Jørgensen

Anxious tension, nervous glances and excitement all at once. The atmosphere does not differ much from the one you know from a first date. Except here, you will probably not find the next big love of your life; instead you will meet your new best friend.


Sofie Kirstine Harksen and Eon Lai have just met each other for the first time. Normally, they live 18.000 kilometres apart, and up until today they had no idea that each other existed. But now, they are friends. It may sound a bit strange, but nevertheless that is the point of being a part of Studenterhus Aarhus’ Friendship Ambassador project. 


Bonding across borders

Coming all the way from New Zealand, Eon mentions how it can be hard to make new friends in a new country. Therefore, Friendship Ambassador is the perfect opportunity to meet new people. “I really wanted to meet other students and make some new friendships from throughout the world, so I thought the Friendship Ambassador Project would be a really good project to get into” she says.

So, you might be afraid that this first meeting would be just as awkward as a blind date. But, according to Sofie and Eon, it really is a good way to meet each other. “It is a really neat way to get to know other people, and the whole project seems to be a really good idea” Eon says.


The matchmaking

Every year, Studenterhus Aarhus pair up 200 students: one exchange student and one Danish student. Studenterhus Aarhus arranges the first meeting between the new friends, and throughout the semester they get offered to go to different events together such as concerts, football games etc.

And, as project leader Anne Thorø Nielsen stated at the first Friendship Ambassador meeting, the Danish students actually benefit as least as much from the project as the exchange students do. Sofie mentions, how she will use the project to improve her English skills and meet people from different cultures.


A new friendship ahead

Now, the first meeting is coming to an end and all of these sprouting friendships are off on their own. Hopefully, they will all end up with a friend for life, but only time will tell if a friendship will grow between the participants.

As for Sofie and Eon, they are up for a pretty good start. They are already planning their next “date” and might take on one of the special Friendship Ambassador offers and go see a football game together. Yet, no one knows for certain where this journey will take them, which is one of the reasons why it will be incredibly exiting to follow their friendship throughout the semester. 

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