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Biking for beginners (internationals)
// Tuesday D. 04. October kl. 13:10

By Anna Sofia Irons

Welcome to Aarhus! As you’ve probably noticed early on, people in Denmark love biking. Maybe you’ve experienced it already, but there are a few rules that are very good to know if you want to travel by bike. Especially, if you want to avoid crashes and angry Danes yelling things you don’t understand. We have collected 13 short and ’good to know’ tips for you:

1. Buy a helmet. If you love your brain, buy one. Besides, you look pretty cool with it on.

2. Keep right. Although the biking lane is pretty wide at some places, please keep right, so people can pass you on the left.     

3. In extension to number 2, never pass on the right!

4. Always watch over your shoulder before changing lane when you want to pass someone. Someone else might be approaching from behind.

5.Use the bell. If someone wants to pass you, they will give a short ring on the bell and you need to move right. The same goes if you want to pass someone.

6. Give signs when you stop and turn. When you turn left and right, make sure to use your arms to show which direction you are turning – right arm for a right turn and left arm for a left turn. Simple as that. When you stop, raise your hand to let others know you are going to stop.

7. Remember lights. At night you need lights on your bike both at the front and back. It’s law in Denmark to have lights on your bike at night. A good way to know when to use the lights is when the street lights are on as well. So, to avoid getting a fine by the police make sure you got lights – a white in front and red rear.

8. Do not ride on sidewalks or against traffic flow. Even though some Danes still haven’t understood this rule, it’s pretty good to follow.

9. Be aware of pedestrians. When people go onto or off the bus, they often need to cross the biking lane, so be aware.

10. Turn down the volume on your headphones. It can be hard to hear the traffic and stay alert while listening to loud music. 

11. Learn how to fix a flat tire. It can get quite expensive to get a flat tire fixed, so you might as well learn how to do it yourself. 

12. To turn left at an intersection you first need to stay right and continue ahead. When you reach the opposite corner, you wait for green light and then head left.

13. Have fun. It might not be easy to start with, but once you get the hang of it, you will realise that it can actually be fun. 


Enjoy your bike ride :-)

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