Winter Chill: ST & Health
// lørdag D. 25. januar kl. 13:00


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Enjoy a day of Danish hygge with Studenterhus Aarhus.

Every year International Centre and Studenterhus Aarhus invites all new students to enjoy an afternoon of Danish "hygge" together with the other internationals from your faculty. It is a day for you to get to know Studenterhus Aarhus, your new city, but most importantly, each other: We'll play games, drink coffee and tell you our secrets on how to get the most out of Aarhus

You do not have to sign up to join, but for the full experience be there on time and eat lunch before - we'll provide hot beverages and a Danish treat.

You are invited to join Winter Chill by the International Centre. The 2020 winter programme looks like this:

25/1, 13-17: Science & Technology and Health
26/1, 13-17: BSS (Except Law)
1/2, 13-17: Arts and Law

Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21