Run with Run for Friendship
// torsdag D. 24. oktober kl. 17:00

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Run for Friendship is a running club for everyone - from total beginners to the more advanced. In Run for Friendship having fun, being social and sharing positive energy is the most important.

The training is divided into teams based on skill level, so there will be challenges for both the beginners as well as the more advanced runners. But we run the same routes, doing the same kind of training - on individual levels but together.

Besides improving our physical fitness, we also meet outside the running club for social events during the year. Christmas Lunch, orientation runs and BBQ's are just some of the events we have to offer. Besides getting you in better shape we run to make friends and to make Aarhus more international. We run across national borders.

Professional coaches will teach proper training- and running techniques, the goal being to participate in the BESTSELLER Aarhus City Half Marathon in June for those who want to.

Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21