International Welcome Party
// tirsdag D. 03. september kl. 20:00


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On this amazing day, Studenterhus Aarhus and ESN Aarhus welcome all international students to Aarhus with a huge party in The Student House!

Here you’ll get a chance to meet your fellow internationals, make friends for life, and meet the amazing volunteers from ESN Aarhus, the International Group, and the Bar Group in Studenterhus Aarhus. If you want a great network, you too can become a volunteer in Studenterhus Aarhus. Just ask your friendly bartender how to join!

Come celebrate international student life and the beginning of a great semester with us!

At the welcome party you’ll get:

👉 Cheap beer
👉 Membership of the Student House for just 99 DKK
👉 Shots
👉 Beer Pong-kits
👉 Sodas
👉 Drinks
👉 Lots of fun!

Remember to go to the International Student Organisation Fair before the party. This is where you can get to know all the amazing opportunities in Aarhus!


Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21