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🎉🎉 I-NIGHT: Warm-up 🎉🎉

We celebrate the new semester and welcome the students that just started - everybody's welcome! 

Come and meet new people, party with your new study mates and meet the amazing volunteers from Studenterhus Aarhus and ESN Aarhus as we warm up to the big welcome party on September 3rd.

If you want to save some of that money that you brought, remember to become a member of Studenterhus Aarhus. For just 99 DKK you’ll get discounts on all drinks, on all trips that we offer and much more. Look here for more info ⬇️ https://billet.studenterhusaarhus.dk/48709/Membership_2019_valid_1_year

We can’t wait to see you!


Every Tuesday, Studenterhus Aarhus host the International Night – better known as I-Night. This is the evening where we celebrate international student life, and everyone is welcome. Come and spend the night with us, meet new people from all over the world, and make new friends. Each I-Night will have a theme which will be announced before the event.


This event is created by volunteers from Studenterhus Aarhus and ESN Aarhus. If you want to be a part of an amazing community, and host great events like this, then stop by our website, ask your friendly bartender, or send an e-mail to frivillig@studenterhusaarhus and learn how YOU can volunteer!

➡️ https://studenterhusaarhus.dk/your-house/volunteer


Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21