Kamstrup: INTERNSHIP IN FLUID DYNAMICS// 06. september 2019


Become a part of Group Quality in Kamstrup

Kamstrup is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent metering solutions for energy and water consumption. As an intern, you will become part of the Flow Laboratory team in Group Quality, where you will be included on an equal footing with engineers and researchers who are dedicated to ensuring the highest accuracy of our water and heat meters. The team maintains and improve the test benches that are used to verify the meters, while conducting long term research on specific fluid dynamics phenomena and research methods. In this inspiring work environment you will have the opportunity to strengthen your personal development as well as professional competencies.


An internship at the leading edge of computational fluid dynamics research

During your internship, you will conduct a research project focusing on the development of automated analysis methods by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The work may preferably convert into a master’s thesis (graduation project) in collaboration with your university, and takes place roughly from February to June 2020. The exact subject (and timing) of the project may vary depending on your interests,Kamstrup’s needs and the eventual requirements from the supervising professor. Possible research fields are:

  • Improvement of uncertainty quantification and robust optimization techniques using CFD

  • Implementation of ultrasound propagation models into existing simulation tools

  • Investigation of thermal flow stratification, mixing, boundary layer transition using experiments and/or CFD

Your project will cover all aspects of research: identification of the targets, development of an investigation plan, performing of tests (experimental or numerical, in principle using the tools available at Kamstrup), post-processing of the results obtained and presentation of the findings in a scientific paper/report. The report might be considered for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


Personality matters

We are seeking a student, who is motivated to push the boundaries of knowledge and technology in a rapidly evolving company. You arestudying a master’s degree in engineering, physics or similar, and have a good theoretical background in fluid mechanics. Prior knowledge of OpenFOAM and coding/scripting is an asset. Since the internship is well suited for a master’s (graduation) project, you are expected to take responsibility for the research and independently seek solutions to the issues that may arise along the way. As a person, you are capable of working independently with a sense for detail, while being open-minded and reliable in your daily work. Kamstrup is an international company, which means that it is a requirement that you are fluent in written and spoken English.


We offer you more than an internship

We offer you an exciting opportunity to improve your skills in an advanced research environment with highly qualified colleagues. There will be several opportunities for both professional and personal development as well as seeking inspiration, support and sparring in everyday life. If you are ready, we offer an exciting and inspiring autumn with great challenges.

We offer an exciting and educational internship where professional coaching is an integral part of the workday. At Kamstrup, we do very much to encourage the bonding between our interns across the organization. If you are ready, we offer you an exciting spring with great challenges and teamwork. In 2019 Kamstrup was acknowledged by the municipality of Aarhus and Studenterhus Aarhus as the best internship in East Jutland based on our work with interns. In addition, Kamstrup offers many employee benefits, such as a great canteen scheme, fruit scheme, fitness facilities, in-house dental clinic, hairdresser and a free health clinic.


Do you want to be a part of Kamstrup?

Please submit your application by using the link. The applications are reviewed on a continuous basis, but you can expect a response within six weeks. Any details about the internship will be individually agreed upon. However, the internship is expected to run from the beginning of February 2020 until the end of June 2020.

Kamstrup is located in Stilling close to Aarhus (DK), and bus number 200 takes you right to the door.

If you have any questions to the internship position, please contact Head of Flow Lab, Martino Reclari on phone +45 89 93 10 00.


About Kamstrup

Kamstrup develops and manufactures innovative solutions for measuring energy and water consumption. Kamstrup is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced and innovative equipment for the district heating sector and is one of the leading European suppliers of smart meters and other equipment for the electricity sector. Kamstrup has over 1500 employees in more than 20 countries with headquarters in Denmark. Kamstrup has a healthy economy, high growth rates and a strong focus on development of technology and staff. You can read more about Kamstrup on our website and see our annual report here. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, to be updated on latest news and vacant positions.


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