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Become a Business Member of Studenterhus Aarhus

We focus on strengthening the relations between companies and students, and as a Business Member your company gains unique and direct contact with more than 50.000 students in Aarhus.

Career Events

In Studenterhus Aarhus we regularly host career events where companies and students meet. The events are continuously developed to meet the wishes and demands, we encounter. We are constantly seeking new paths to support networking between companies and students, and as a Business Member you will automatically receive invitations to all our career events.

If you have content ideas for a career event - loose or worked through, or if you have knowledge or experience you want to share, please contact us and we will help you make the event a reality. As your collaborating partner, we will provide sparring, marketing and handle all the practicalities of the event.

Student advisory board

As a Business Member you get free access to our student advisory boards. Does your company have a problem that students can potentially help solve? Then we offer to find you a group of 6-10 students that will visit your company for a 3-4 hour brainstorm on your given problem. Studenterhus Aarhus will facilitate the brainstorm.  

All cases are interesting and will give the students the opportunity to test their abilities, and experience a company from within. You will get valuable input, the chance to see different students in action, employer branding, a direct recruitment channel and marketing to potential future customers.    

Free recruitment of all types of students

In Studenterhus Aarhus we have a substantial knowledge of the different educations and strong networks within all higher educations in Aarhus. Because of this, we can offer you targeted recruitment when you need an intern, a student worker or want to collaborate with a graduate student. We will distribute your job ad directly to the students you need, and you may even discover new types of students in the process. 

When you send us a job ad we read it through to ensure that phrases and terminology hit the mark with the students. When the job ad is ready, we distribute it into our network, and the students will apply for the job directly to you. 

Stay updated

You will regularly be updated on the educational life and on any changes that might affect your company. Thus, we send you information about our career events, relevant news from the educational world, and reminders when it's time to advertise for interns.

Furthermore, eight times a year we send you ten free tickets to cultural events in Studenterhus Aarhus.


Your company will get a business presentation on our website and your logo will be visible on our sponsor board in Studiecaféen, our study cafe that has more than 10.000 student guests a year.  


Price: Membership costs 4500 DKK per year ex VAT.  

Notice! The price for distributing a job ad for non-members: 575 DKK ex VAT.


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