Start Studying Aarhus 2017
// Thursday D. 31. August kl. 14:00


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Start Studying Aarhus takes place at Mølleparken, and gives you lots of activities for and by students from the higher educations of Aarhus.

You can hang out with your fellow students and experience live music, happenings and entertainment during the day.


Start: 14 - Ending: 23


CHINAH entwine electronic pop with a perfectly executed sophisticated R&B sound. The music comes straight from the band’s bedrooms in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, with an inspiration to create simply music that still pushes the boundaries of pop music.

// Sekuoia

The 23 year old producer, Sekuoia, is known for his hypnotic and organic take on electronic music and he is still moving in the boarder land of dreamy soundscapes, spheric rythms and beat driven club music. The newest album is more about up beat and pop-ish and for the first time Sekuoia will be coorporation with guest vocalists.

About the new approach Sekuoia states:
"Moving as an artist is the most important state for me. And I feel that the sound of the new record reveals movement from my first EP. Doing all the night concerts has a huge part in pushing my music into a more beat orientated feeling."


PUST is pop with a touch of melancoly and airy tunes.

// Mark Freese

Mark Freese is a South African born Australian living in Denmark, Mark’s international context and experience comes across in his variation of styles and lyrical content.

Check his music here:

Free entry

The events is done by Studenterhus Aarhus in coorporation with Borger Service, The Mayors department and Aarhus Festuge.

The purpose of this initiative is to: 

- give a warm welcome to all new students to Aarhus 
- say welcome back to all the current students in Aarhus
- give new students a different introduction to Aarhus as a student city and show you that you are an asset to the city that we greatly appreciate. 


Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21